Simple Ways to Save Money and Maintain Value in Your Home

simple ways

One of the most disappointing things I have discovered while showing homes for sale is to see a home in poor condition due to the lack of simple home maintenance tasks.  A home can be a great investment if properly maintained. Not performing preventative maintenance tasks is comparable to tossing money to the wind.

Yes, some home maintenance may cost you a little money but in the long run, this money spent could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and prevent major catastrophes. For most people life just gets busy and remembering to follow a home maintenance checklist is not at the top of the priority list.

Take a look at this list to discover how you can start taking care of your investment:

Change Your Home Air Filters

Cost: $1-$40 depending on size and type of filter

Why? A clogged air filter can cause damage to your AC system. Neglecting to change the       filter and dirt are a leading cause of system failure. A clean air filter reduces the circulation of dust and allergens in the air and results in cleaner, healthier air. Changing your air filter also results in lower electric bills. A clogged filter causes your AC system to work harder which results in increased energy used and higher electric bills.

Clean out the Gutters

Cost: If you do it yourself it doesn’t cost anything and $125-$175 if you hire a professional.

Why? Clogged gutters could loosen and detach from your home due to the weight of water and debris. These clogged gutters could also become a home to mosquitoes, ants, or rodents eventually resulting in a pest issue within your home. If you live in colder climates, clogged gutters could result in ice dams which cause water and roof damage to your home.  We are talking about thousands of dollars of damage that could easily be prevented by taking about 30 minutes several times a year to clean out your gutters. For gutter cleaning tips click here.

Replace Shower, Sink, and Bath caulking

Cost:  $4-$10 for a tube of caulk

Why? Over time, caulking breaks down and needs to be removed and re-caulked. If water begins to leak due to worn out caulking, you could possibly be facing water damage to flooring, baseboards, sub-flooring and cabinets. Depending on the damage this could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. This is an example of a very small problem that can huge costly one. For caulking tips click here.

Check Your Roof for Damage/Leaks

Cost:  Free to check yourself. Cost of repair varies

Why? A roof that is not properly maintained will have a shorter lifespan and need replacement much sooner. A leaky roof if unnoticed could potentially cause structural damage to your home. Catching a problem early and repairing it will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars later down the road. For great information about finding and repairing roof leaks click here.

Print this handy home-maintenance checklist and begin protecting your investment and saving money today. It only takes a little time to prevent costly problems.


If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Lake Conroe or surrounding areas or looking for a realtor in any other location drop me an email.

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