Amazing Italian Delicatessen in Montgomery


I have reviewed several of the restaurants here in the Lake Conroe area and must admit that Tony’s Italian Delicatessen is by far the best place to eat an Italian sandwich in the greater Houston area. You may think that I am biased because I live in the area but people will drive a long distance to try one of these amazing mouth-watering sandwiches.

I will begin with the atmosphere and customer service. The restaurant is located across from the April Sound neighborhood next to a dry cleaning establishment. Don’t expect anything large or fancy. This place has a small, hometown feel. Even if you are not from the area you will walk out of the restaurant feeling like a longtime friend of the owners. The customer service is outstanding! The owners and employees go out of their way to greet you, learn your name, call you by name, and genuinely care for each customer. If they happen to be very busy, the friendly attitude of the employees does not change. I can’t think of any other place that offers such excellent customer service.

Tony's sub

The most difficult and challenging aspect of the entire experience is choosing what to order. The sandwiches are named after actors and actresses. Every time I try something different and never cease to be impressed. With generous portion sizes, a mountain of meat, fresh ingredients, crusty Italian bread, and a variety of different combinations and flavors, each sandwich is a piece of art. The sandwich is so enormous that figuring out how to eat it is always fun. You don’t want to skip the specially marinated hot peppers which add an extra flair to the sandwich. The menu also offers several salads and make sure to save room for dessert!

If you won’t take my word for it, check out these reviews. Tony’s Italian Delicatessen is a must if you are in the Lake Conroe area. You will not be disappointed!


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