Great Burger Joint Near Lake Conroe

worldsburgers1My wife and I have lived in the Lake Conroe area for many years now and recently discovered a new place to get a great burger. If you live near Lake Conroe you know that the area is not lacking in Mexican Restaurants and Burger Joints. Several weeks ago, we decided to try one of the few restaurants we had never been to before. We were both craving a big juicy hamburger so we chose to give World’s Burgers a try. I must admit that we have passed this place up numerous times a day, never stopping in to eat.

It was after 2:00 so we were beyond famished. When we first walked in we were the only customers in the restaurant though this was short lived. The smells of french fries and hamburgers pleasantly greeted us as we entered the restaurant. The lady working behind the counter was very friendly. We let her know that it was our first time to the restaurant so she explained to us that the fries are hand cut and the burger patties are hand made and 100% Angus Certified Beef. The menu had many topping choices and specialty burgers. The nice lady behind the counter told us that they continue to add to the menu to please the customers and offer a wide variety of options. We opted to try the Cabos Burger topped with black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, swiss cheese, and lettuce with a side of hand cut fries.

While waiting we quickly noticed that not only does the restaurant serve hamburgers but they offer several varieties of chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and milkshakes made with Blue Bell Ice Cream. I have heard that the milk shakes are amazing. Our burgers were served and they looked wonderful. The bun was thick with fresh toppings, melted cheese, and served on a bun that was toasted inside and out. We both took a bite and were impressed with the juiciness of the patties. They were very seasoned well and very tasty. At first we weren’t sure if the toppings provided all of the flavor or if it was the patty itself. After tasting a bite of the patty without the toppings we determined that the patty was very flavorful. The fries were also wonderful.

I would recommend you stop in if you are in the Lake Conroe area and give World’s Burgers a try. The staff was very friendly and the food was great. We were too full to try the shakes but we will be back very soon. My wife also wants to try the sweet potato fries. To check out World Burger’s Facebook Page click here.

Maybe we’ll try this burger next time…


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