Where to Eat Frozen Yogurt Near Lake Conroe


I enjoy blogging about local places in the Lake Conroe area and especially enjoy the topic today, frozen yogurt. When I have a craving for something sweet you can often find me at Chiller Bee in Montgomery. This month Chiller Bee was named one of the top 10 yogurt shops in Houston by abc 13 News. Chiller Bee has two locations, one in Conroe off of I-45 North in front of Kohl’s. The second location is on Hwy 105 in Montgomery  between Old River Rd. and Walden Rd.

So what makes this place so great you might ask? For starters the atmosphere is warm, cozy, and friendly. Every time I have been in Chiller Bee, the staff has been welcoming and polite. They treat you as if they know you even if it is your first time stopping in. Chiller Bee also offers free wi-fi.

After you are greeted with a warm welcome, you discover 12 amazing flavors of yogurt to choose from. If you are not sure which flavor will satisfy that sweet craving then sample each one. They offer sugar-free and gluten-free options as well. I must caution you though because you will make the decision process more difficult since they are all so good. If you cannot decide then have them all! Once you have made it past the flavor dilemma you proceed to the toppings bar. This is where it gets very exciting. You can pile on anything you want from cookie dough, brownie pieces, cheescake bits, chocolate chips, crushed candy bars, fruit, nuts, granola, gummy candies, crumbled waffle cone, and so much more. Then if that isn’t enough you can top it off with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

You are charged by the ounce but the price is very reasonable. Chiller Bee offers many specials including 10% off if you check-in or like them on Facebook.  They offer a rewards punch card and every 12th cup of yogurt is free. I won’t mention how many punch cards I’ve been through. Tuesdays are 2 punch-Tuesdays so you get 2 punches on your rewards card for each cup of yogurt purchased. Wednesdays are guess-your-weight Wednesdays. If you guess the weight of your yogurt, it is free! I have guessed the weight correctly twice.

If you have never tried Chiller Bee, what are you waiting for?! Swing by today and treat yourself to an amazing frozen yogurt.

Anthony Coleman, Realtor, Top Guns Real Estate

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