8 Mistakes to Avoid During the Home Loan Process

8 Mistakes

For first time home buyers applying for a home loan can be a daunting task. Your finances will be meticulously examined by a mortgage underwriter as you await the anticipated day of closing. Even if you have been pre-approved for a home loan there are mistakes that you could make to disqualify you. It is important that all home buyers applying for a mortgage loan are aware of the following mistakes to avoid.

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Tax Benefits to Owning a Home


The last thing you probably want to be thinking about right now is taxes. The good news is that there are tax advantages to owning a home. Home ownership comes with significant tax benefits. Always consult with a tax professional to determine your individual tax liability. Homeowners may qualify for both tax deductions and tax credits. Here is a basic overview of the tax advantages to home ownership.

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4 Tips For Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

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With tax refunds coming your way, you may be contemplating hiring a contractor to do some remodeling on your home. Home improvements could increase the value of your home when you decide to sell. Before spending a lot of money on a remodel, consider which project would result in the greatest return on investment. The best place to put your money is fresh paint, kitchen updates (energy efficient appliances, hardware, paint, counter tops), a deck, and energy efficient windows. If you have an older home it would be best to start by replacing old leaky plumbing, old electric wiring, and rotting wood.

Once you have decided on a remodel, depending on the size of the job you may need a contractor. Here are some tips to consider when hiring a contractor.

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