3 Ways to Protect Your Home’s Exterior

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days to cooler weather. Our summer temperatures here in the greater Houston area seem to be overstaying their welcome. Cool crisp evenings, smells of pumpkin or apple pie, warm coffee, and perfect temps for enjoying the outdoors keep me in anticipation. With all of these wonderful thoughts of fall also brings up another important topic – Protecting the exterior of your home from damage.

With cooler temperatures the trees begin to drop their leaves which can lead to clogged gutters which causes other problems. These problems are very preventable with a little maintenance. So here are three ways to protect your home’s exterior during the fall season.

  1. Keep the gutters cleaned  – Check your gutters for any clogs and clean out debris. If water gets backed up in your gutters, your siding could experience some serious damage. Damage to siding will  cost you money that could easily be saved by simply cleaning out the gutters. Best practice is to check your gutters seasonally. During the winter, squirrels could be using your gutters as their storehouse for stocking up for winter. During the spring, birds could use your gutters as a place for a nest. 
  2. Cut back foliage – Make sure plants are not growing on the siding. Fall is a good time of year to cut these plants back. Not managing your plants near the side of your home could result in trapped moisture or allowing termites, other insects, and animals to infiltrate your home.
  3. Watch where water may be entering your home – Check around your windows and doors to see if any water may be getting in. If moisture lingers, eventually rot or fungal growth will result. Caulk any areas where you see openings where water could seep in.

Let us know any problems you have had with your home’s exterior due to improper maintenance. We could all learn from one another!

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