20 Ways to Safeguard Your Home


In the past several months I know of two families who unfortunately suffered from the burglary of their homes. This prompted some research to discover how I can safeguard my home and share this knowledge with others to deter burglars.

According to the FBI’s crime reporting program, 60.5 % of all burglaries involved forcible entry while 33.2% where without force. The average dollar loss per burglary offence was $2,119 in 2010.  One thing you may want to consider is replacement-cost insurance for expensive personal property that would only receive standard coverage under a basic policy. Check with your insurance provider to find out what options are available to you.

Most of these tips to safeguard your home are relatively inexpensive compared to the dollar loss of personal property as mentioned above.

  1. Install high quality deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  2. Weak or hollow doors are easy to kick in. Replace weak or hollow doors with solid wood or metal doors.
  3. Make your sliding glass doors more secure. Check out this video
  4. Plant bushes with thorns in front of windows.
  5. Make sure bushes and shrubs are trimmed so as not to provide a location for a burglar to conceal himself/herself
  6. Participate in the Operation ID program. Your local police department should have information about this program. Basically, you engrave an id on your valuables and make an inventory log.
  7. Lock your doors and windows.
  8. Install motion sensor lights. Burglars don’t want to bee seen so the more lit up your home is, the better.
  9. Purchase an outlet timer to turn off and on while you are away so it appears as if someone is home. Use this for stereos and lights.
  10. Keep evidence of high value items out of sight, such as the box from your new flat screen TV out on the curb.
  11. Get a dogDogs that bark alot deter burglars.jpg
  12. If you have pet doors, put locks on them.
  13. Get a security system. Check out this article that features the best and most affordable security systems.
  14. If you have a security system, don’t place a sticker on your window indicating the brand of the security system. A generic sticker is best to let a burglar know that you have a security system. Do not advertise which system you have in case he/she knows how to disarm it.
  15. If you choose not to buy a security system for your home, at least put a sticker on your window indicating that you have a security system to deter thieves.
  16. Hide valuables in unlikely places.  A burglar is going to look in a jewelry box for jewelry.  Find a clever place to hide valuable items other than in the master bedroom, especially heirloom jewelry that no amount of money can replace.
  17. Store ladders, tools, and anything else that a burglar could use to gain easier access to your home in a locked shed or garage.
  18. Consider purchasing a safety deposit box for valuables.
  19. Periodically change the code for keypad entry devices. Worn buttons make it easy for a burglar to figure out the entry code.
  20. Tell police and trustworthy neighbors that you will be away on vacation so they can keep a close watch on your home.


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