Tasty Thai Restaurant Near Lake Conroe

Tasty Thai Restaurant Near Lake Conroe

Living near Lake Conroe has been such a pleasant experience. My wife and I enjoy the small town feel with all of the conveniences. The area has definitely grown since we first moved to the community and as part of this growth we now have a vast array of family owned restaurants in the area. We prefer family-owned over chain restaurants and the Lake Conroe area continues to provide a great selection from BBQ, Tex-Mex, Italian, Chinese, Burger-Joints, American, Japanese, Thai, German, Delicatessen, and Seafood.

Today I want to highlight one of my favorite places to eat, Thai Wok In & Carry Out. The restaurant is located across from April Sound in Montgomery, tucked away in a shopping center. If you blink you could miss this hidden gem. Upon entering the restaurant you will notice the simplicity of the decor and the cleanliness. The food is fresh, authentic, and flavorful. The friendly staff adds to the pleasantness of the experience. They offer excellent suggestions if you are not sure of what to order. Thai Wok In & Carry Out offers online ordering for an easy take-out option.

My favorite dish so far is the Red Curry, bursting with flavor and spice. When ordering you are able to choose the level of spice. If you are a spicy food lover then I would recommend “Thai spicy”.  My wife and I prefer more of a medium spice which is very hot. Be prepared if you have never tried Thai spicy before. You will want to have a full glass of water and lots of napkins because it will open up your sinuses! We have yet to be disappointed and have tried many different dishes. The Tom Yum soup is another delicious choice. The lunch specials are a great value served with a spring roll and a salad. The dinner portions are so large you could share or save it for lunch and dinner the following day.

If you are out near Lake Conroe you must stop in and give this place a try!

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