22 Moving Tips For an Easy Move

22 Moving Tips

Summer is a popular time to move for many people. For all of you who will be moving this summer I have done the research and compiled a list of moving tips and tricks to help make the move as easy as possible. I wish my wife and I knew some of these tips when we moved last year.

1. Now is the time to get rid of things you no longer use or need. Have a garage sale or donate items to local charities. Many local charities will come to your home and pick up items you would like to donate. Check with the Salvation Army, Purple Heart, and Goodwill or click here for more info.

2. Pack these essentials in a clear tote and keep it handy so you will have these important items easily accessible when you move into your new place: paper towels, roll of toilet paper, paper plates, paper cups, plastic utensils, trash bags, box cutters, scissors, disinfectant wipes, hand soap, dish soap, sponges, coffee, coffee pot, pet food, snacks.

3. Use trash bags to enclose around groupings of hanging clothes and tie off at the top of the hangers. This will make moving clothes a breeze!

4. Drawers that contain light items such as clothing can be wrapped with plastic wrap or Press ‘N’ Seal. No need to pack these items in a box. Simply cover the top with the wrap to secure the items in the drawer.

5. Heavy items such as books can be packed in rolling suitcases for an easier transport.

6. Use paper and tape to wrap around silverware trays. There is no need to remove the utensils from the tray.

7. Buy various sizes of Ziplock bags and use them for smaller loose items in drawers. Secure make-up, and those loose items in your junk drawer by grouping them together and placing them in baggies. Also use baggies for small parts such as curtain hardware or electronic cords. Simply tape or saran wrap the baggie to the item it belongs to.

8. Take a picture of the back of electronic items such as surround sound and TVs. That way you will be able to refer to the picture when plugging everything back in at your new home.

9. Use cardboard dish pack partitions when packing drinking glasses. These can be purchased at your local U-Haul or you can check with liquor stores for any boxes they are throwing out. These boxes are great because they are very sturdy and already have the partitions. This was a lifesaver when we moved!

10. Buy a large roll of stretch wrap and use it to wrap around garden tools, curtain rods, and any loose larger items that can be secured together for easier transport.

11. Buy packing paper or check with your local newspaper to see if you can purchase leftover rolls of blank newspaper print paper. Usually this is much cheaper than the packing paper from your moving supply stores.

12. Secure liquid toiletries with plastic wrap. Unscrew the cap, cover the opening with plastic wrap, and screw the cap back in place. This will keep unnecessary spills from occurring during the move.

13. Use heavy duty laundry bags to pack duvets and pillows.

14. Use fitted sheets to protect your mattress during the move. Double up the top and bottom of both sides of the mattress.

15. Use blankets and sheets as padding when you need to fill empty spaces in boxes or to wrap of fragile items.

16. Use foam plates between china and pack vertically. Plates are less likely to break when packed vertically rather than on top of one another.

17. Buy different color duct tape for each room in the house and mark the boxes as you pack them. No need to write the name of the room on every box. Just use a piece of duct tape on each side of the box. You may want to create a key so that you don’t forget which color belongs in each room.

18. Create a packing supply basket to hold all items you will need for packing. You can easily carry this around with you from room to room. Fill the basket with the following items: packing tape, labels, scissors, sharpies, screwdriver, baggies, utility knife, plastic wrap.

19. Pack seasonal items such as holiday decorations in plastic storage totes. Now is the time to get organized for the new home. When unpacking you will know that the plastic totes belong in the attic.

20. If you are taking the fridge with you, defrost your fridge 1-2 days before the move and wipe down any liquids.

21. Drain gas and oil from all lawn equipment.

22. Wrap all corners of furniture with bubble wrap to prevent scratching the furniture and scuffing the walls.

Good luck with the move! Share any moving tips or tricks you have learned. I would love to hear from you.


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