4 Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

Sell Your Home Quickly

A quick and profitable sale is the goal in mind when selling your home. Who doesn’t want their home t to sell quickly and for the best price possible? No one wants to have showing after showing with no offers, low ball offers, or worse yet no showings at all. Research shows that the longer a home is on the market, the less the seller will net. If you are selling your home here are some tips to help you sell your home quickly and for the most money.

1. Correct Listing Price

It is of utmost importance to price your home at competitive market value. In the Lake Conroe area which includes Montgomery, Willis, and Conroe as well as surrounding areas, the market is extremely competitive. Over-pricing your home may result in longer time on the market and often lower offers. Pricing a home at a higher price does not lead to a higher sale price. The most important factor in selling your home for the most money and in the shortest time frame is pricing it correctly.

2. Cleanliness & Clutter-free

A house that is fresh, clean and clutter-free sells quicker and at a higher price. With less clutter your home will appear larger and more spacious. Buyers are attracted to a well-maintained home. When buyers walk through your home and see that it has been taken care of they are less fearful of potential problems. Take the time to clean out the clutter. Since you will be moving anyway now is the time to begin packing those things that just take up space. For tips on how to have a fresh smelling home click here.

3. Accessibility

When your home is on the market and priced correctly buyers are going to want to schedule showings and see it. Be willing to let buyers come and see your home. Before selling your home think of places you or your family could go during scheduled showings.  Your home needs to be accessible to home buyers so make your home available to be seen. Ensure that your home is show-ready prior to leaving for the day. Some buyers are only able to house hunt on the weekends due to work schedules. Others, may be moving in from out of town and only have a small window of time to look at homes while they are in town. You don’t want your home to be left out of considerations because it is not available to view.

4. Fresh Paint

The best and least expensive improvement you can make in your home is a fresh coat of paint. You will get a greater return for your money with paint. A home appears fresh and neat with a new coat of paint. Chipped paint, dark paint colors, and dirty walls are turnoffs to buyers. For painting tips click here.  If your home needs updating talk with a realtor about improvements before spending a lot of money on major renovations that do not bring in much return on investment. A professional realtor familiar with your area will know what features buyers are looking for. Fresh neutral paint is always a great place to start when selling your home.

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