Does the Listing Photo of Your Home Attract Buyers?

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I can’t stress enough the importance of a great first impression of a home when selling your home. The number one way that people search for homes these days is online. When searching online, home buyers will click on the specifications they want in a home such as a price range, number of bedrooms, etc. Then, a list of homes pops up and the potential home buyer scrolls through a list of homes. What makes one home stand out above another in this process? The listing photograph. The most common used picture as the main listing picture is a photo of the front of the house. This is the first thing that potential buyers see which is a determining factor in whether or not they click on that picture to find out more information.

So what do you do to make your listing photo more “clickable” – yes, I just made up this word but you get the point. Follow these easy steps below and then make sure that your realtor has a quality photo representing your house.

1. Clean up the front yard – Mow, edge, and clean out the flower beds. If your shrubbery blocks the home, trim it back. A clean, manicured, yard attracts buyers. Fresh mulch is an easy fix. After cleaning out the flower beds add mulch that coordinates well with the colors of the exterior of your home. Simple and clean is better than busy and dirty.

2. Add some color – Just a little color will make your house stand out. Add some seasonal flowers either in pots or in the flower beds. Hang a wreath on the front door. Add a bright-colored chair or bench to your front porch with a pillow.

3. Hire a landscaper – If the front of your home is dull compared to other homes on the market and there is not much you can do to the structure of your home to change that then hire a landscaper to spruce up the front yard. Draw potential buyers attention to the beautiful yard but don’t go overboard. you don’t want to spend too much money here but you do want to attract buyers.

4. Compare your home to others on the market – Search the MLS websites for other homes comparable to yours. Does the initial photo grab your attention? Know the competition and make your home stand out!

For more great ideas and quick fixes for the outside of your home check out this post 10 Curb Appeal Tips on a Budget. Curb appeal is the first way to get buyers in the door but how do you keep them interested and ready to submit an offer? Here is another post to help you prepare the inside of your home Tips to Staging Your Home.

Anthony Coleman, Realtor, Top Guns Real Estate

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