First Impression of a Home

With the upcoming holidays, many homes are filled with family and friends. This quick tip is beneficial for anyone whether you are trying to sell your home or you just want your home to be warm and welcoming. These simple steps will enhance the welcomability (yes, I made up this word) of your home. First impressions stand out the most in our minds. To create a memorable first impression of your home it all begins with an inviting entrance.

front door1. Give your front door a makeover. Paint or re-stain your old, drab front door and add new hardware if necessary.

2. Add a welcome mat.

3. Several potted plants placed near the entrance will bring life to your front porch.

4. Light up the pathway leading to your home. Use solar lighting or for the holidays use Christmas lights to illuminate the path.

5. Add a simple decorative touch for the season such as a wreath.

6. Sweep leaves and debris off of your sidewalk and porch.

front door2

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