6 Tips to Clean Glass Shower Doors

image from ecopedia.comIf your are selling your home one of the first tasks to complete is giving your home a good scrub down before it goes on the market. One of the daunting tasks that lies ahead is cleaning the calcium, hard-water and soap-scum stained glass shower door. Here are some tips to make this task quick and easy.

Tip #1 – Make a solution of 8oz. warm vinegar and 8 oz. Dawn dish detergent. Mix in a spray bottle and spray away. Let it sit for several minutes, wipe down, and rinse. Follow by your usual glass cleaner to remove any film left on the door.

Tip #2 – For peskier spots on the shower door, especially corners, use a new razor blade to scrape away build-up. Make sure you wet the door first. Using a razor blade on dry glass will cause scratches.

Tip #3 – Mix one part muriatic acid with ten parts water in a spray bottle. You can find muriatic acid at a home improvement store or pool supply store. Spray down the shower door and use super fine steel wool, “0000” grade to lightly scrub away the build-up. Test a small corner of your shower door first. You don’t want to scrub too hard and scratch the door.

Tip #4 – Try glass cook-top cleaner for an extra shine.

Tip #5 – Once your shower door is clean, apply Rain-X to keep it that way for a longer period of time.

Tip#6 – If you don’t want to use Rain-x, purchase a shower squeegee. After each shower, quickly squeegee the water off of the glass. This will keep your shower looking like new for years to come and prolong the periods of time between cleanings.

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